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The NowPow

Our complete self care referral platform delivers
a solution for every need

Our multi-sided platform generates three types of referrals to manage the full spectrum of self care and support people’s needs.


Personalized resource “prescriptions”—sharable via text, email or print—drive awareness and address a broad range of health and social conditions across a whole population.


Ideal for targeted interventions with rising or high-risk populations, tracked referrals allow care professionals to connect with network partners to close the self care referral loop.


Network partners can access a unified view of a person’s self care record showing all self care provided across the network. This tool facilitates wraparound services and reduces redundancy for complex populations.

NowPow helps with self care and caregiving needs at all ages, stages and challenges.

As a self care utility, NowPow supports basic needs and acute chronic conditions. NowPow addresses food insecurity and cancer support. NowPow addresses the needs of a person with diabetes who is also a caregiver to a parent with dementia. NowPow supports a dad struggling with substance use by connecting him to parenting resources and substance use supports.

NowPow’s configurable functionality fits the wide array of self care workflows underway in a system or across a community.


Log in once. NowPow functionality can be integrated into operating system workflows so users never have to leave their primary platform.


Reduce decision fatigue. NowPow supports hard stops, prompts and search tools to easily guide users through workflows.


Care beyond the four walls. Take NowPow out into the community to support in-home interactions and field training or research.


Put power in peoples’ hands. Help people achieve agency over their own self care by leveraging NowPow’s self-serve functionality.

Our Referral Tools

The NowPow tool kit powers a full array of self care referral interventions to serve people and use cases across the risk spectrum.

Our Community Resource Directories include heavily indexed information for over 250 service types.

About Resource Directories


Our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application drives resource awareness without personally identifiable information (PII). NowRx works well for community health workers, outreach workers and home care workers who are on the go. Users can search for resource types, use our condition algorithms and perform assessments to generate personalized referrals. They can deliver one referral or a personalized list of referrals called a “HealtheRx.”


PowRx moves beyond shared referral resource awareness to support closing the loop on care with Tracked and Coordinated referrals important for people with more complex needs. In addition to all the NowRx functionality, PowRx leverages PII to automate the referral matching process. PowRx decision support tools increase referral efficiency. Information sharing and bi-directional messaging features enable all users to stay informed about a person’s care. The NowPow Nudge functionality encourages people to fulfill their self care goals.


CommRx is available at no cost for any community organization willing to keep their service profile updated in NowPow. CommRx users can close the loop on Tracked and Coordinated referrals and create Shared referrals for their clients. Users have access to the comprehensive resource directory, the HealtheRx functionality and a live dashboard of analytics on referral activity and success rate.


FindRx puts the person at the center of their own self care. Patients and caregivers can take screenings to identify needed services or just search the community resource directory, while communities and health systems gain valuable insight into a population’s demonstrated needs via reports on service types searched and resources shared.

Optimizing Care Through Analytics

Whether an internal ROI evaluation, a community-wide resource supply and demand scan or advancing the science of self care, NowPow’s powerful analytics architecture can support it.

The NowPow platform captures outcome data to monitor workflows and measure success, including comprehensive metrics on referrals made, referral service types, referral outcomes, needs identified, user activity and more.

In addition to advancing whole person care, NowPow informs optimization of care delivery systems. We deliver resource supply and demand analytics aggregated across the care continuum and at the network and community levels.

Optimizing Care Through Analytics

Seamless System Integration Workflows

NowPow securely integrates with EHR, HIE, or CRM systems for user authentication like single sign-on (SSO) and to share demographic data, screening responses and other activity data, reducing duplication and ensuring up-to-date records. We can also embed NowPow functionality directly into systems so users never have to leave their platforms. We provide several connection options including HL7 file exchange and web service APIs like Epic’s App Orchard. To connect with an integration expert and learn more about NowPow interoperability, request a demo.

Seamless System Integration Workflows

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