COVID-19 Maps

NowPow COVID-19 Maps: Tracking Community Resource Availability

Just as the nation’s health systems are being stretched, so too are its human and social service organizations.

As more and more people need assistance with things like food, finances, interpersonal or domestic violence, and mental health, many of the organizations providing these services have had to slow or halt operations. (See a recent article on this topic in the Health Affairs Blog.)

NowPow’s personalized community referral platform reflects the current COVID-19 operating status for more than 45,000 community services in 15 geographies. We are using this information to create interactive COVID-19 Maps to:

  • show by ZIP code how resource availability is changing over time for vital services (e.g., elimination of services due to factors related to the COVID-19 crisis and the addition of new emergency services through city/community response efforts)
  • help policy makers, healthcare organizations, communities and media understand the magnitude of impact and track geographies at risk relative to available services
  • inform policies, investments and collaborations to address service gaps in care and support vulnerable populations

The COVID-19 Maps below are the first in a series of hyperlocal maps NowPow will release. These maps visualize data collected on more than 3,900 food-related services in the nation’s hardest hit areas. All data within the Maps are sourced from NowPow’s internal database, and do not account for the increased capacity of existing resources. Additional information will be added daily as services continue to change throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

NowPow will also release additional geography-specific maps, as well as expand the maps to include more service types.

For more information about how NowPow is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, visit If you’d like to learn more about how our data can help your community, email

If you offer or are aware of new services in these cities, please upload the information here:, or email your updates to

New York City Resource Availability

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Long Island Resource Availability

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Chicagoland Resource Availability

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